Les 400 coups Des mots des verbes et des phrases
A mots couverts Vigilangue

Des mots, des verbes et des phrases

Two-phase method for learning basic and intermediate-level French.


  • three difficulty levels;
  • 500 common words grouped together to facilitate learning of French writing rules;
  • 1,525 sentences for learning 270 common verbs in the basic tenses.

Advantages et benefits

  • facilitates and speeds mastery of the main French writing and spelling phenomena;
  • stirs up the user’s interest in learning correct spelling and writing;
  • the program’s feedback pushes the user into learning;
  • allows for individualized progression paths;
  • the learner can work exclusively on his/her particular weaknesses or difficulties;
  • lightens the trainer’s correction load;
  • the report shows the learner’s entire progress;
  • allows the trainer to perform a diagnosis of specific difficulties.
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