Les 400 coups Des mots des verbes et des phrases
A mots couverts Vigilangue


Free quizzes to measure and consolidate your French spelling and grammar knowledge and skills.


  • multiple-choice quizzes (select among four choices);
  • questions stated clearly and simply;
  • no more than 15 questions in each quiz;
  • large selection of spelling and grammar targets;
  • can be used simultaneously with clicGrammaire;
  • results are given at the end of the quiz.

Advantages et benefits

  • a new type of software allowing you to learn and self-evaluate at the same time;
  • can be linked with clicGrammaire when learning is more important than self-evaluating;
  • you always have a second chance;
  • it is impossible to obtain a zero result;
  • the report shows the learner’s entire progress;
  • allows the trainer to perform a diagnosis of specific difficulties.