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After carving out a career in public teaching, Alain Vézina founded Logilangue on February 15, 1985. His nibs produced a collection of manuals, handbooks and workbooks for learning French from first to sixth grade in primary school. He also published a French grammar book that eventually became clicGrammaire and a conjugation manual that became clicConjugueur. After it provided service to a client base of children experiencing difficulties, the Logilangue team dedicated itself to helping people acquire knowledge and abilities in the French or English languages necessary for the Quebec job market. When it could not find any software that could help its students learn more efficiently and effectively, the Logilangue team began developing its own educational software around 1994. Today, Logilangue offers software that are the result of over 12 years of development, experimentation and improvement.

Logilangue is a firm specialized in language-learning tools and methods (for both French and English) intended for a vast client base of all ages mainly found in educational institutions and the public at large.


Logilangue distinguishes itself through its dynamism, its modern approach, its acute sense of listening to its clients’ (learners’) needs and its steadfast intention to develop and evolve. Logilangue is a highly respected name recognized for its high-quality products, based, among other things, on an approach focusing on learning first and foremost before teaching. Therefore, Logilangue works tirelessly at maintaining and developing its skills and know-how with its clients, partners, allies, collaborators, suppliers and contributors.


Logilangue’s mission consists in providing clients with high-quality language-learning tools and methods (for both French and English) guaranteeing acquirement of vast, sound knowledge and abilities, and in appropriately meeting its clients’ needs by providing and fueling an approach centered first and foremost on learning.


Logilangue’s vision consists in being a leader in developing the highest-quality language-learning tools and methods (for both French and English).


Logilangue offers the highest-quality language-learning tools and methods (for both French and English) whose design and development involved advanced skills and deep, broad know-how. You can thus unquestionably have utter and complete confidence in this ally!


Logilangue favours a human approach based on values such as respect, teamwork and performance.


Over almost 25 years, Logilangue has developed and keeps on developing know-how that benefits students who learn at or through its centre as well as hosts of other people, young and old.

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